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From the Vancouver Kids story “Robbery of the Century”

I whooped with joy. “The perfect getaway,” I yelled to the trees. “The perfect crime!”

I kept running, thinking about how I would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if I were a thief. I wondered how far away the real robbers were by now. They were probably in California. Riding in brand new cars and eating candy. I wishedI were in their gang. I could be their leader. “George,” they’d ask. “What’s our next move?”

I slowed down to a walk, feeling out of breath. Then I sat down on the side of the ravine footbridge and opened my lunch sack. All that crime had made me hungry. I bit into my apple and thought about the food that really rich people eat. I had heard the fancy hotels in Vancouver served Russian caviar. How much caviar could I buy with one hundred and fifty pounds of gold, I wondered. Wait, wasn’t caviar made of fish eggs? Yuck. Maybe I’d stick with apples.

As I chewed, something strange caught my eye underneath the footbridge. It looked like a bag tucked beneath the boards. Maybe someone had dropped it by mistake. I bent down and pulled it out into the open.

It was a little cloth pouch, all tightly bundled. I opened it up and peeked inside.

I blinked. It was stuffed full of money.

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